Impact of Valet Vehicle Pick-up & Delivery on Dealership CSI Score & Service Revenue

Most dealerships would like to give their customers the convenience of having their car fixed without leaving their couch. Send someone to pick up the car from the customer's home and bring it in for repair then drive it back to the customer when the repair is done. Does it sound simple? There are many variables involved in delivering on this level of customer convenience. 

Who is available and how is that person going to get to the customer's home in the first place? Will it be in a shuttle vehicle or a loaner vehicle? If shuttle, is the shuttle driver even available? If loaner, which loaner? How do you prevent overbooking? How do you communicate with the customer timely? You may end up spending much resources so that the customer never leaves the couch, but without the right processes in place it’ll be costly and the ROI may not even be there. 

Virtual Service Powered by Pick-up & Delivery

According to the 2021 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study, 62% of consumers prefer their vehicle to be picked up from home or office when it needs service and 16% would be even willing to pay for it. 


According to IMR’s syndicated Delayed Vehicle Maintenance Tracking Study, 33% of car owners reported not being able to find a convenient time as the reason for delaying vehicle maintenance. Of the 25,000 consumers interviewed those who owned used vehicles and Millennials were significantly more likely than their counterparts to delay routine vehicle maintenance.


We surveyed 500 people in 2018 and discovered 68% rated their shuttle experience with their dealership 2 out of 5. We also learned that 70% of survey participants don’t even want a shuttle ride in the first place but a valet service in exchange for their 5 star rating.

We shared the findings of these studies with the managers of a few dealerships and they were not surprised. They knew that the customer transportation was the broken touch point in the customer service journey and they were doing all they could to improve the situation. They were trying to solve the problem by hiring more drivers which did not address the root cause of the problem.

Dealerships need a radical approach to address a common problem in a new way. Envision a solution that can manage the shuttle, valet, and loaner dispatch in one place, give the customer the level of convenience that can earn their 5 star rating, and deliver a remarkable ROI. Imagine a profitable valet service at scale.

Simplify Pick-ups & Drop-offs

Redefine problems so they can be solved in creative ways that emphasize simplicity. Imagine a solution where you just input the customer’s name, address, and time preference. The technology in the background automatically scans who is available for what purpose then auto-dispatches trips considering driver availability, vehicle capacity, passenger preferences, and live traffic data. ETAs are communicated to customers in SMS. At the end of each trip ratings and feedback are captured from customers. The live location of drivers and vehicles are tracked at all times for transparency. Imagine a truly automated valet & shuttle software that takes the paperwork and the guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on what matters: fixing cars and delighting your customers. 

Lower Operating Costs & Improve CSI Score

An automated approach to the valet problem should be expected to lower operating costs while improving service ratings. If the vehicles are optimally dispatched with the shortest route, fuel consumption and vehicle mileage will be reduced. If drivers can be shared across multiple business locations fewer drivers will be needed. If customer communication is automated, service advisors become more productive. An automated booking system will shorten booking sessions to make booking agents more efficient. If fuel consumption, vehicle mileage, and repair costs are monitored the dealership will have full visibility into fixed costs. If the customer is given the convenience of never leaving their couch to have their car fixed and the service is delivered on-time everytime, the results will be positive feedback and improved CSI score. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Having a valet & shuttle service gives you an advantage over dealerships that do not offer this service and will definitely make you stand out. Having an efficient way to offer valet service at scale will definitely improve profit margins. Trimming unnecessary costs with an automated solution is an easy way to increase your dealership’s overall ROI. 

The future is in virtual service powered by a valet operation. As we move towards this future, offering such innovative services will set your dealership apart from those who do not offer such services. Since the market dynamics and changing consumer preferences are driving the addition of this type of service, nailing down the processes will be necessary to do it at a scale with consistency. HopDrop valet & shuttle management software can help you achieve that goal.

Over the next 5-10 years, the global automotive industry is going to see changes more than it has in the past 100 years as the Application Economy shifts the competitive landscape. By leveraging disruptive technologies in automation to streamline the relationship between your dealership and your customers, you are sure to stay ahead of the curve. 


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