Quality of Shuttle Service Impacts CSI Score & Service Revenue

With online platforms becoming an increasingly popular way for customers to shop and purchase a vehicle, your dealership’s service revenue is becoming more and more important to your store’s bottom line. 

Cox Automotive data shows that 2 out of 3 customers expect to purchase their next vehicle 100% online, and some dealers are losing sales revenue to online platforms. This means that it’s vital to focus on achieving return customers by using your service department to take care of their vehicle.

How can you improve your service department to retain customers and increase your service revenue? It’s time to start offering better perks and customer service to your fixed operations customers through your shuttle pick up and drop off services.

Why Does Shuttle Service Matter?

Bringing back your shuttle service after (and during) the pandemic — and doing so efficiently — is important to save your dealership money as well as improve the passenger experience.

Your shuttle service is a major contributor to your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score. The higher the CSI score, the more happy customers you have, which means additional returning lifetime customers, better online reviews about your dealership for others to see, and more referrals. You know the importance of your CSI score to your dealership’s bottom line. Now it is time to proactively work on achieving a better CSI score for your service department.

According to Cox Automotive’s 2021 predictions for the industry, almost 50% of respondents (consumers and dealers) think that service revenue will fare better this year versus 2020, so focusing on streamlining the processes you use in your service department will help deliver the best experience possible for your service customers. Additionally, 48% of franchised dealers say that they plan to offer consumer pickup and delivery for service appointments — and that is what HopDrop is here to help with!

Bringing Your Shuttle Service From Paper to Paperless

Over 90% of shuttle operators rely on a clipboard and paper or some other old-school and unorganized method to manage their customer transportation. This leads to increased fuel consumption, vehicle mileage, insurance costs, and, worst of all for your CSI score — additional customer wait times and customer complaints. 

With HopDrop, you can simplify your shuttle process by getting rid of the outdated paper process. Our next-generation trip planning software helps you automate your dispatch so that you can eliminate lengthy dispatching tasks. This will also help you lower your vehicle mileage and fuel consumption with shorter routes since you can track your drivers and plan out routes based on your schedule for the day. 

Additionally (and most importantly for your CSI score), you can better communicate with your customers through automated messaging. We’ll automatically sends ETAs to your customers so they aren’t left waiting and wondering. In an era where it’s easy to communicate with anyone from anywhere in an instant, your customers also expect this thorough communication from your dealership to feel satisfied with your services. 

Even better — you can keep track of what your customers have to say about your services. HopDrop captures customer feedback at the end of each ride so your dealership can measure your service quality. You can even easily monitor each driver’s star rating to see who’s doing a great job or when some corrective actions may need to be taken.

By completing more trips with fewer drivers and monitoring vehicle usage and maintenance schedules, HopDrop cannot only improve the customer experience but also help you lower your shuttle operating costs by up to 40%.

Improve CSI Scores With Your Shuttle Service

When you start to focus on what is best for your customers and think with their needs in mind first, you will be able to improve your dealership’s CSI scores and win over more customers for life.

Stop using methods that don’t provide an excellent customer experience and are costing your dealership additional time and money, and start using HopDrop. 


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